Project Description

Recently one of my coworkers said something deeply unnerving to me, while I was trying to appease an unhappy guest at my establishment . A few years ago I may have made a similar comment but now as an invested employee I was distressed, My little old ladies gave me a VERY HONEST AND CRITICAL ANSWER to the standard question, “How are you enjoying everything?”. In an attempt to fix their opinion, I asked the charcuterie/cheese chef to grab me another cheese selection to help the cranky customers.  “I care about this why?”, was the response to my request. I paused and with measured response I said, “ Because they pay your salary!”.  The annoyed chef got me the cheese and the customers again told me why the initial offering were unsatisfactory.  I smiled and accepted their criticism thankfully, because they are paying everyone of our salaries. Sometimes  we may  forget that our supervisor or head chef or restaurant owner is not who pays us.  Every single person that walks through our door is doing so by choice and it is imperative that we keep that in that back of our minds. Our job is to make our customers happy, even the picky ones!